BlackMont Capital

BlackMont Capital is one of the premier leading financial services firm that is offering a broad range of services to private clients, small businesses, institutions, corporations and trusts, personalized assistance in pursuing their financial goals and living up to their expectation. Our services include Principle Investment, Advisory Services, Private Equity, Commodity Services and Strategic Business Consulting.

BlackMont was formed by a group of professionals who has a strong pedigree in the financial services industry. We work with many of the largest offshore investment houses, insurance companies and maintain affiliations with the world’s leading names in banking and investments.

Our focused approach combines deep industry and operational knowledge with extensive transactional experience, resulting in unparalleled success achieving the goals set by our clients. The client relationships are among our greatest competitive assets. We deepen and enrich these relationships through corporate, strategic, active market participants and timely advice.

The Group operates from SINGAPORE, INDIA and UAE in their respective specialized spectrum and also through their affiliates offices across globe.

Financial Advisory Services

BlackMont Capital offers a wide range of financial advisory services tailored to the specific needs of each client, assisting both private and corporate clients to improve their financial conditions and incomes.

We offer advice and recommendations for:

  • Identifying and implementing cost saving measures
  • Improving profitability minimizing taxes
  • Increasing share value
  • Managing critical financial, economic and strategic events and transactions.

We also offer an innovative advisory service to those entities who wish to examine investment opportunities focusing on non-traditional approaches to the markets using the most sophisticated instruments available.

Corporate Finance

Provides Advisory Services to companies on buyside and sell side, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.

Capital Markets

BalckMont Capital plays a comprehensive role in advising on initial public offerings, rights issues and private placements.

Structured Finance

We assist clients to optimize their capital structure and devise innovative structured financing solutions that enable clients to capture new investment and business opportunities or support growing operational needs.

Asset Management

BlackMont Capital Ltd offers qualified professional investors the opportunity for gaining access to an exclusive asset management service, custom-tailored for specific objectives and requirements.

Principal Investments

The emerging markets like India, China, Middle East and North Africa offer a wide range of investment opportunities. With large and growing populations, young, urbanised and relatively affluent consumers and a sustained movement towards greater liberalisation of the economy, such markets offer many attractive investment characteristics which are no longer present in the developed world

Private Equity

BlackMont Capital Ltd initiated its private equity activities to leverage its long-standing network of relationships in the MENA region and capitalise on the wide range of attractive investment opportunities in some of the world's most exciting emerging markets. We focus mainly on investments from the following sectors: Energy, Petrochemicals, Logistics, Hotel & Resorts, Industrial Goods, Communications, and Financial Services. Our management has build up relationships with a wide range of leading regional and international corporations who play an important role in structuring qualitative private equity deal flows